Calypso Ultrasonic Ballistic Wind Meter

Calypso Ultrasonic Ballistic Wind Meter

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Miniature, Bluetooth, Battery Powered Ultrasonic Wind Meter. 

Built with ULTRASONIC sensors, with no moving parts to make it robust and dependable, the Ultrasonic Portable Mini is a wind meter that measures both speed  and direction, allowing data logging via a free mobile app.

The small 1.7" diameter Ultrasonic Portable MINI is a fully mountable or handheld as a complete wind instrument.

 Wireless and Battery Powered/ Mounting

  • Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, the Ultrasonic Portable Mini can be recharged on a wireless charging pad connected via USB to the power.

  • The Calypso Wind Meter Mini has a female thread (1/4") perfect to be mounted on any tripod. 

Calypso Wind Meter Mini will provide you with :

  • Velocity accuracy of 0.68 MPH @ 22 MPH, Direction accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Real wind speed and direction.

  • Apparent wind speed and direction.
  • On the top of wind speed and direction, our Anemotracker app pulls other weather data (pressure, temperature, humidity) from your closest online weather station. These variables do not change from one spot to the other as much as wind does and will complete all data required by  the shooter to run the ballistics calculations.
  • Track your wind data and exportation via excel or Google Earth. 

  • An available upgrade to the latest firmware version from the App-This new add-on will let the user to upgrade the ultrasonic wind meter to the latest firmware version from Anemotracker app.

  • Configuration from the units of measure: mph, m/s, km/h, Kt.

Other compatible apps: Strelok Pro

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